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About the Solar Oven Partners Ministry

Since January 2000, Solar Oven Partners has equipped over 10 thousand families with practical training in solar cooking, and provided them with the appropriate technology to realize the amazing health, economic, and environmental benefits of harnessing the free energy of the sun! Below are the costs of providing a solar oven to a  family. Keep in mind that few could afford the real cost of an oven, so an investment opportunity of 10% of the full cost is offered to each student, thereby creating ownership for those who choose (100%) to take a solar oven.

Shipping and training:             $ 50

Component parts of ovens: $100

Complete Package:                  $150

Become a Sustaining Partner:

Regular monthly gifts are a very significant way in which many donors choose to sustain our ministry. Such generosity demonstrates predictable income around which SOP can plan and act on our goal of providing solar ovens annually to families.

Alternative Gifts:

Through our financial accounting and gifts processing, SOP acknowledges every gift. It is a special privilege to honor or remember your loved ones through Alternative Gifts, with cards sent to both donor and recipient.

  • Holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas
  • In honor of birthdays, anniversaries, milestones
  • Memorials

Become an Oven-A Month Partner:

Oven-a-Month Partners are churches or individuals who donate the funds necessary to equip one family each and every month with a solar oven and the knowledge and skills necessary to cook with and care for it, freeing them from dependence on the expense of cooking fuel and the smoke of cooking fires and protecting the environment in their community. $150/month or $1,800/year makes you and Oven-a-Month Partner.

Donate Online Through UMCOR

The United Methodist Committee on Relief has vetted and approved Solar Oven Partners. UMCOR's administrative costs are covered through apportionments, to 100% of your donation comes to us.

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Donate by check

Make your check payable to "Solar Oven Partners." Mail personal checks to:

910 4th St. Ste. G

Brookings, SD 57006

Enclose a note to let us know if your donation is in honor or in memory of anyone. Please include the name and address of the person to be notified of your gift.

Checks from churches should be made payable to "Solar Oven Partners" with "Dakotas Advance #637" on the memo line and mailed to:

PO Box 460

Mitchell, SD 57301

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Gifts of Grain or Livestock

Farmers or ranchers can donate crops or livestock to Solar Oven Partners (SOP) while reducing their taxable income. This gift enables our mission to continue its vital work of putting solar ovens in the the hands of impoverished families in deforested lands.

When a farmer or rancher transfers legal ownership of grain or livestock to a charity before it is sold, the producer will not have taxable income from the sale. SOP can make arrangements to sell the livestock or grain, and the producer can still deduct production costs on their income taxes. As with any charitable gift, it's best to consult your tax adviser and the charity before making the gift.

As a donor, follow the following steps outlined below to ensure that ownership of the gifted livestock or grain is transferred prior to sale and you receive recognition for your gift:
Steps to Make a Gift of Livestock

1. Contact SOP  to inform us that you intend to make a gift of livestock. Reach us at 605-692-3391 or sopdir@swiftel.net.

2. Complete and send SOP the Letter from the Producer Regarding Gift of Livestock. Keep a copy of this form for yourself.

3. We will provide you with a completed form entitled Instructions to Sale Barn for Gifts of Livestock.

4. Deliver the livestock to market on our behalf and provide a copy of your Letter from the Producer Regarding Gift of Livestock and the completed Instructions to Sale Barn for Gifts of Livestock to the sale barn.

5. Remind the sale barn to issue the check for the sale of the livestock to Solar Oven Partners (memo: Advance #637), and mail to Dakotas Conference, Solar Ovens, P0 Box 460, Mitchell, SD 57301-0460.

Gifts of Grain or Livestock


Steps to Make a Gift of Grain

1. Contact SOP  to inform us that you intend to make a gift of grain. Reach us at 605-692-3391 or sopdir@swiftel.net.

2. Complete and send the Letter from the Producer Regarding a Gift of Grain form notifying us that you are making a gift of grain. Keep a copy of this form for yourself.

3. When you deliver the gifted grain to the local elevator, tell them to issue a storage receipt in the name of Solar Oven Partners. The storage receipt is evidence that ownership of the grain was transferred from the farmer to SOP. Send the storage receipt to SOP.

4. Instruct the grain elevator that it must send the contract to sell the grain to Solar Oven Partners for signature. The contract can be mailed to Solar Oven Partners, 910 4th St., Ste G, Brookings, SD 57006-2172. If the elevator does not use written contracts for grain sales, ask us to provide you with a completed Instructions to Grain Elevator for Gift of Grain form. Because SOP owns the grain following your gift, you may not instruct the elevator to sell it.

5. Remind the grain elevator to issue the check for the sale of the grain to Solar Oven Partners(memo Advance #637), and mail to Dakotas Conference, Solar Ovens, PO Box 460, Mitchell, SD 57301-0460.

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About Us


A Mission of The United Methodist Church

With the help of donors, volunteers and our on-site partners, we manufacture  solar ovens, educate about solar cooking and distribute the ovens to impoverished people in deforested lands.

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The existing kitchen at the home of one of our oven recipients when we arrived to begin our seminar

Health, Wealth and the Environment

Smoke inhalation from cooking over a fire causes lung diseases and eye irritation. Drinking unpasteurized water or milk causes parasites. The cost of cooking fuel can be as much as a third of a low-income earners wages. Solar-baked goods can supplement a family's income. The pursuit of cooking fuel is a major driver of deforestation, which in turn leads to soil depletion, erosion, landslides and even desertification.

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These volunteers are college students, but others have been retired, even an octogenarian!

Volunteers Make it Happen!

Whether praying for our ministry, making a financial donation, sewing at home or at church with a group, manufacturing ovens at our North or South Dakota workshop or traveling with a team to distribute ovens, you can fulfill your baptismal vows to support the ministry of the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness with Solar Oven Partners. For more information about volunteer opportunities, give us a call at 605-692-3391 our use our contact form at the bottom of this website. We'll get you connected!

Volunteer Opportunties

Minorca, Monte Cristi Testimony

Minorca obtained an oven when we were in her town of Monte Cristi, the Dominican Republic, in March, 2018. A few weeks later, when our Dominican director, Rev. Erasme Figaro, went to check on new oven users' experiences, this is what Minorca had to say.


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Every donation is gratefully received and together, your donations have enabled us to place well over 10,000 ovens in the homes of impoverished families in deforested lands. 

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